CoderDojo Coolest Projects 2016

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven’t been very active on my blog. I’m just back form my amazing holiday in Italy and I’m focusing on getting my project ready for this years Coolest Projects Awards in the RDS this Saturday!

Check out this cool video from last years awards.

I’ve been shortlisted for an Eir Junior Spider Award!

Hey Guys,

I am very excited to announce that I have been shortlisted for an Eir Junior Spider Award 2016! The awards ceremony is in Croke Park on the 25th of April…next Monday!!!!!!!!!!!! Being shortlisted does not mean you have won anything but it means you are in with a chance of winning, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My mum is going to come in with me and my friend Kyla might come too.

Check out the link below to see the list of the other amazing kids who have also been shortlisted:

My 1st Book Review!

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to post a book review every month because I love books!

The book I’m reading at the moment is Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School by Jeff Kinney. It is a book about a kid who is called Greg Heffley, Gregg lives in a town that has volunteered to “unplug” and go electronics-free!

What I like about this book as that Greg’s parents tell him what it was like in the olden days which is hilarious (I really laughed at some parts) #haha

The thing I disliked was that a kid named Cedric Cunningham was trying to beat
Greg Heffley in a lemonade stand competition, but the tables turned on Cerdric in the end in a funny way so it was ok.

I enjoyed this book as it kind of reminds me of my life. I give it 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Guys, me again. I am really excited to tell you that I am going to Unplug4Kids on the 31st of July. I really want to get involved because I really believe in unplugging from time to time. I try to be mindful of the fact that I love blogging and minecraft and other online stuff but I also love hanging out with my family (even my annoying little sister). I love art, I love make up, I love going to the park, I love reading, I love gymnastics, I love loads of things that don’t involve phones, iPads and laptops. I guess its all about balance. Anyway I’m excited to be going and if you wanna come too you can grab tickets here. Lots of love Lexi xxx

Sushi Wonders!

So last week I learned how to make SUSHI! It was amazing. I love that feeling when you learn something new (you know) anyway. I’m so obsessed with making my own sushi that I have it every day for lunch.

My fave fillings are tuna & red pepper but you can really put anything you want inside. Salmon, cucumber, carrots…all good choices too. I heard you can make fruit sushi but I dont think they would taste as nice as the savory ones since the actual roll is wrapped in seaweed (nori).

I am so happy that I learned how to make sushi. A few days back I gave some sushi to my nanny and my grandad and they loved it so much!

My mom and dad were blown away. I really think I want to be a chef like my dad. My BFF played a game that we were chefs the other night and we made sushi and we sold it to our moms. We made a fortune. #SUSHI #LOVE IT.

My Heely Hell

So yesterday I decided to take a break from screens and go out to play! Whooo….fun. NOT, I got so carried away heeling and wheeling all around the place I fell…bad. I cut my hip and my knee. I was at my friends house when it happened (talk about needing my mom moment #cringe). I have to admit before the fall I was loving life lol, I’ve been so busy trying to get this blog ready for launch I started to forget what my friends looked like.

Also I don’t under stand how I cut my right knee and my left hip little bit awkward?

This week at CoderDojo

This week in CoderDojo I am working on my blog which is lots of fun!

Also this week I entered big a competition its kind of like like coolest projects but it’s called the Eir Junior Spiders. I am showing my blog on the day. I haven’t told anyone about my website/blog yet because its not really finished yet but I am super duper exited to show my blog off soon!