CoderDojo Coolest Projects 2016

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven’t been very active on my blog. I’m just back form my amazing holiday in Italy and I’m focusing on getting my project ready for this years Coolest Projects Awards in the RDS this Saturday!

Check out this cool video from last years awards.

Idea For Coolest Projects 2016

How I came up with my idea for coolest projects 2016.

Coolest projects is a unique opportunity to combine my love of tech with my love of creativity.

I wanted my project this year to be really visual and creative. I wanted my project to help people their in everyday lives. I wanted my project to be fun to make and fun to show off. I wanted my project to have an accompanying app too, but I think I’m making it a bit complicated.

For weeks I brainstormed. I thought of lots of cool ideas, but they were all too difficult to program using a Rasperry Pi. So I decided to do something very simple. I might make an alarm for my diary so that I would know when my little sister is trying to read it!

I am going to use this tutorial as a guide. I already have an arduino so it might be easyish.