Sushi Wonders!

So last week I learned how to make SUSHI! It was amazing. I love that feeling when you learn something new (you know) anyway. I’m so obsessed with making my own sushi that I have it every day for lunch.

My fave fillings are tuna & red pepper but you can really put anything you want inside. Salmon, cucumber, carrots…all good choices too. I heard you can make fruit sushi but I dont think they would taste as nice as the savory ones since the actual roll is wrapped in seaweed (nori).

I am so happy that I learned how to make sushi. A few days back I gave some sushi to my nanny and my grandad and they loved it so much!

My mom and dad were blown away. I really think I want to be a chef like my dad. My BFF played a game that we were chefs the other night and we made sushi and we sold it to our moms. We made a fortune. #SUSHI #LOVE IT.