My plans for 2017

Hi  Guys,

So a couple of days ago it was 2017! So happy New Year guys!

Reflecting on last year (when I was 8) I can see that I was a bit all over the place, I kept starting projects and not finishing them. I didn’t really take time to plan my year, and I couldn’t really focus on any one thing long enough to learn anything important.

So this year I’m setting myself a few small goals that I hope to achieve.

– Fix my website icons (update or create a new Instagram) and (update my YouTube Channel).
– invent an app using app inventor, and collect App Inventor badges on my CoderDojo profile.
– write a monthly blog on my website, the 1st Sunday of the month.
– learn how to edit & upload decent videos on my YouTube channel (I’m super excited to learn this).
– design new cover images/logos for all of my platforms

So a couple of cool things coming up in my 2017 calendar so far are:

– First Im going to BT Young Scientists and Technology event in January so Im super exited for that.

– At the  end of January me my mom my dad and my little sister are having another Christmas because on Christmas eve and on Christmas day I had the tummy bug and it was my birthday on christmas day so I was sick on my birthday aswell.

– And also in the middle of February Its my BFFS birthday and we are going to A huge indoor waterpark so I’m also really exited for that to.

– Coolest Projects is on on the 18th of June 2017, this is my favourite event of the year and this year I think I’m gonna enter my website & app. Fingers crossed.

– And then after Coolest Projects my family are jetting off to Italy, I plan on spending the entire time at the HUGE! WATERPARK! so I’m super! exited! for that.

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