Idea For Coolest Projects 2016

How I came up with my idea for coolest projects 2016.

Coolest projects is a unique opportunity to combine my love of tech with my love of creativity.

I wanted my project this year to be really visual and creative. I wanted my project to help people their in everyday lives. I wanted my project to be fun to make and fun to show off. I wanted my project to have an accompanying app too, but I think I’m making it a bit complicated.

For weeks I brainstormed. I thought of lots of cool ideas, but they were all too difficult to program using a Rasperry Pi. So I decided to do something very simple. I might make an alarm for my diary so that I would know when my little sister is trying to read it!

I am going to use this tutorial as a guide. I already have an arduino so it might be easyish.

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