Hi guys,

So Ive been doing a lot of coding lately so me and my mom are going to BRUSSELS! its only 5 more days till I go to Brussels  but im really exited as well because this is going to be me and my moms first holiday together just me and my mom so im super duper exited for my holiday and we are staying in Brussels  four two days but the bad thing is my mom booked a 2:00 in the morning but we get to stay a hole DAY! whith each other and we are going to go back at 7:00 me and my mom cannot wait till we try the waffles over there they are the BEST! waffles and my moms plan is wen we get over there we unpack then we go out and get the train in Brussels to Bruegel its such a fancy town in Brussels then when we go back to are hotel we are going to buy sweets and watch a movie.

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