RIOT games Dojo!

Hi guys,

Sorry that I have not been posting in a while, because I was unplugged a lot this month. But the big news was that I have been going to RIOT games Dojo, they have just started running a Dojo. If you guys do not know what RIOT games is, it is a gaming company which is SUPER COOL! Its basically just like every Dojo but just in a gaming company which is a great opportunity to learn about gaming, game creation, mods or animation. If any of you guys don’t go to a Dojo you should go to one around your local area its a great opportunity.

Why do I love Riot Dojo:
– Cool Location
– Yummy Free Food & Smoothies
– Great mentors

Till the next time,

See ya.

Hi guys,

So Ive been doing a lot of coding lately so me and my mom are going to BRUSSELS! its only 5 more days till I go to Brussels  but im really exited as well because this is going to be me and my moms first holiday together just me and my mom so im super duper exited for my holiday and we are staying in Brussels  four two days but the bad thing is my mom booked a 2:00 in the morning but we get to stay a hole DAY! whith each other and we are going to go back at 7:00 me and my mom cannot wait till we try the waffles over there they are the BEST! waffles and my moms plan is wen we get over there we unpack then we go out and get the train in Brussels to Bruegel its such a fancy town in Brussels then when we go back to are hotel we are going to buy sweets and watch a movie.

CoderDojo Coolest Projects 2016

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven’t been very active on my blog. I’m just back form my amazing holiday in Italy and I’m focusing on getting my project ready for this years Coolest Projects Awards in the RDS this Saturday!

Check out this cool video from last years awards.

Hey guys,

So a few weeks back I went to the Eir Junior Spiders awards and it was extremely fun. Even though  I didn’t win a “spider” I was still shortlisted which was pretty cool. I really want to thank you all for your support. All was not lost as I did manage to win a cool iPad case for posting the best Instagram photo to the main stage screen!


Since the awards I have been a busy bee, looking for new inspiration and really trying to figure out how I can turn my love of tech into a real money making business!!!!! I love my  website/blog but its time to switch it up a gear. I’m still a tech-head but I’m also  very creative and I love to design things. I’ve decided to update my blog into a fashion blog, but not just any fashion blog…



I’ve been shortlisted for an Eir Junior Spider Award!

Hey Guys,

I am very excited to announce that I have been shortlisted for an Eir Junior Spider Award 2016! The awards ceremony is in Croke Park on the 25th of April…next Monday!!!!!!!!!!!! Being shortlisted does not mean you have won anything but it means you are in with a chance of winning, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My mum is going to come in with me and my friend Kyla might come too.

Check out the link below to see the list of the other amazing kids who have also been shortlisted:

Shout Out To Nora Keavney!

Hey Guys,

I was checking/approving your lovely comments when I spotted this one from fashion blogger Nora Keavney from . I just want to say a huge thanks for the lovely comment. Everyone needs to subscribe to her YouTube channel and blog! I hope to see you at the Eir Junior Spiders too. Girls supporting other girls is so important! Who run the world? #Girls

HI. I am Nora Keavney and I too have a blog and youtube channel and was wondering if you wanted to check them out

Youtube :

Blog :

I might be attending the eir junior spiders and would love to meet you there.

Amazing blog


Hey guys,

So its really close to the Summer and I cant wait for all swimming, the fun and all that. I just absolutely love when I go on an airplane!!! When I’m on an airplane I feel so giddy and exited. This year we are going on holiday to Lake Garda in Italy. We have never been before, I absolutely LOVE were I’m staying its right next to a huge water park, an ice cream shop and a pizza place! Can you say #exited? Whooo.

My 1st Book Review!

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to post a book review every month because I love books!

The book I’m reading at the moment is Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School by Jeff Kinney. It is a book about a kid who is called Greg Heffley, Gregg lives in a town that has volunteered to “unplug” and go electronics-free!

What I like about this book as that Greg’s parents tell him what it was like in the olden days which is hilarious (I really laughed at some parts) #haha

The thing I disliked was that a kid named Cedric Cunningham was trying to beat
Greg Heffley in a lemonade stand competition, but the tables turned on Cerdric in the end in a funny way so it was ok.

I enjoyed this book as it kind of reminds me of my life. I give it 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

My mom just told me I’m on YouTube and its not just any YouTube channel its on the RTE YouTube channel. The past few days have been super exciting, my mom and I have been invited to loads of other tech related events which is really cool and fun for me to look forward to!

Check out me and my CoderDojo friends chatting to RTE about coolest projects below and leave a comment down below if you like. (I love comments)

Thank You

Thanks for all your kind messages, I’m so excited to be in the paper and all over the place online. Will blog about all the latest happenings soon.